hahaha u know whats funny, im still awake and wait, here is the best part, i did 0 percent of my homework. yay look at me fail my parents life. its kinda one of those “dont give up on your dream” things where i say “im not giving up my dream, im giving up yours” man that would be a kick in the balls to my parents. i really need to get money so i can buy a camera, start taking photography stuff or maybe go into computer tech and do all that because computers are so interesting to me and learning about them would just be great, although im not that into the taking them apart and putting them back together im more oh hey yeah i can install that and fix this issue with my mind, yeah lol. more software than hardware, but i wouldnt mind learning hardware.

i also like creating things with my hands. like i learned how to hand knit a scarf type thing an they’re super easy to make, and i like making them, i can make 4 and make an actual scarf i just have to find a way to tie them together.

idk why im making this post but yeah

Car Radio



coffee :)

the pic on the left of my cigarette box. i stepped on it by accident because it was in my jacket and my jacket was in the floor, but now my cigs are in a metal box that is just the right size for them





This was my first splatter paint project that I did for my girlfriend before she left the states. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait until she’s back so we can do more.

I wanna do this!

this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I love how their shirts get progressively messier